Rāmāyana | Āraṇya Kaṇḍa | Chapter 47

47. Rāvaṇa Reveals Identity

[Sītā answers the mendicant truthfully and with courtesy. Rāvaṇa then tells her that his intention was to abduct her and make her his chief queen. Sītā starts trembling with fear.]

Seeing that evil intentioned Rāvaṇa, who had come in the form of a mendicant, Vaidehī started to tell him about herself. 47.1

"If I do not answer his questions properly, he being a Brahmin as well as a guest he may curse me" thought Sītā for a moment and then started answering him. 47.2

"Oh best among the Brahmins, I am Maithili the daughter of the great soul Janaka and I am called Sītā and wife of Rāma." 47.3

"I lived in the house of Ikshvāku clan for twelve years, enjoying all the pleasures of human beings and all my desires were fulfilled." 47.4

"In the thirteenth year the king had consultations along with other kings and ministers, about crowning Rāma ". 47.5

"When arrangements for the consecration of Rāma were being made, the lady called Kaikeyi asked for a boon from her husband." 47.6

"Based on the earlier promise made to her, by my father in law who was a truthful and great king, she asked due to my lack of good fortune for coronation of her son Bhārata and banishment of my husband Rāma for fourteen years." 47.7

"She said, "I will not eat nor drink nor sleep, if Rāma is consecrated and this would be the end of my life" 47.8

"When Kaikeyi told like this, my father in law who respected her begged her to accept any other alternative, but she did not agree to them." 47.9

"At that time my lustrous husband was only twenty five years old and I was eighteen at that time." 47.10

"My husband who was known in the world as "Rāma", is blessed with good character, speaks only truth and is pure at heart. He has broad eyes, powerful arms and looks after welfare of all beings." 47.11

"His father, the greatly lustrous Dasaratha, who was overcome by passion, Kaikeyi being most loved by him, did not carry out the coronation of Rāma." 47.12

"When Rāma went to see his father for the sake of coronation, Kaikeyi without hesitation told these words to my husband." 47.13

"Oh Rāghava, please hear the orders of your father from me. This kingdom would be given to Bhārata to rule without any obstacles." 47.14

"Oh son of Kākutstha clan, you have to live like a sage for fourteen years in the forest, for saving your father from falsehood." 47.15

"When told like this by Kaikeyi, my husband Rāma who is a fearless man and firm in his resolves said to her, "so be it." 47.16

"The matchless penance of Rāma, Oh Brahmin, is to give and not take and speak no other words except truth." 47.17

"The Valorous Lakṣmaṇa, who is the son of the second mother of Rāma, who is the tiger among men and slayer of his enemies in the battle, has also come with him to help him." 47.18

"That brother Lakṣmaṇa follows Dharma as well as strict penance and a wielder of bow has come along with me when Rāma was banished." 47.19

"He with matted hair and the form of a sage, who daily follows Dharma and has won over his senses, has entered the Daṇḍaka forest along with me and his brother." 47.20

"The three of us who have been banished by Kaikeyi to the forest are, Oh Brahmin, wandering in the forest with great lustre." 47.21

"Take rest for a while. You can also stay here. My husband would come now carrying large quantity of meat of deer, alligator as well as boar." 47.22-47.23

"Oh Brahmin, tell me your name, clan and family and also tell me for what purpose you are wandering alone in this Daṇḍakāraṇya." 47.24

When the wife of Rāma asked like this, that very strong king of Rākṣasas gave a reply which was ruthless. 47.25

"Oh Sītā, I am one who is called Rāvaṇa, the king of Rākṣasas, of whom the entire world including devas, asuras and serpents are scared and shiver" 47.26

"Oh flawless lady who is of golden complexion, after seeing you clad in silk garments, I am not getting interested in making love to my own wives." 47.27

"Among all the women whom I have brought, after winning several wars, you would become my chief queen, safety unto you." 47.28

"My city Lanka is a great city in the middle of the ocean and it is situated on a peak of mountain surrounded by the ocean." 47.29

"There, Oh Sītā, you can stroll along with me in the pleasure gardens and oh pretty one, by that, you will not miss your life in the forest." 47.30

"Oh Sītā, if you become my wife, five thousand well ornamented lady attendants would be waiting on you." 47.31

When Rāvaṇa told like this that daughter of Janaka became very angry and that lady with blemish less limbs replied without any care to the Rākṣasa. 47.32

"I am a faithful follower of my husband Rāma, who is unshakable like a huge mountain, who is similar to Devendra and imperturbable like the mighty sea." 47.33

"I am a loyal wife of Rāma who is endowed with all virtues, a refuge like a banyan tree, speaker of truth and a great hero." 47.34

"I am the faithful wife of Rāma. , who has powerful arms, who has broad chest, who walks like a marching lion, lion among men and really a lion." 47.35

"I am the loyal wife of Rāma, who has a face like full moon, son of a king, one who has won over his senses, greatly famous in earth and a great soul." 47.36

"You are after all a Jackal who wants a lioness like me who is difficult to get and you cannot even touch me because I am like the rays of the Sun." 47.37

"Oh Rāvaṇa, you who desire the dear wife of Rāma is an unfortunate one and you will certainly see the golden tree [death]." 47.38

"You are trying to pull the teeth of a hungry and powerful lion which is the enemy of all animals and also you are wishing to pull the fangs from a powerful poisonous snake." 47.39

"You are wishing to carry the great mountain Mandāra by your hand and you want to go back safely after drinking the Kalakoota poison." 47.40

"if you are aiming at violating the dear wife of Rāma, you are rubbing your eyes with a needle and licking a sharp sword." 47.41

"Anyone who desires to assault the dear wife of Rāma is trying to cross the sea with a big stone tied to the neck or trying to carry the moon and Sun in both hands." 47.42

"If you desire to catch the virtuous wife of Rāma, you are trying to hold a blazing fire with a cloth in hand." 47.43

"If you want to seek the worthy wife of Rāma, you are trying to walk on the sharp edge of tridents." 47.44

"The difference between you are Rāma is like that of the difference between lion and the Jackal, like the difference between the sea and the ditch and like the difference between wine and dirty water." 47.45

"The difference between the son of Dasaratha and yourself is like the difference between gold and lead, that between sandal paste and slime and that between elephant and a cat." 47.46

"The difference between son of Dasaratha and you is like the difference between eagle and a crow, between peacock and a crane and between swan and a vulture." 47.47

"The Rāma with the strength the thousand eyed Indra, when he stands armed with a bow and arrow, even if I am abducted will to allow you to become old and I will act on you like a diamond swallowed by a fly." 47.48

After forcefully telling like this to the Rākṣasa, the body of the lady of pure thoughts started trembling like a Banana plant caught in a storm. 47.49

That Rāvaṇa who was powerful like death started giving an account about his clan, his strength and his deeds, to the lady who was shivering with a view to make her more scared. 47.50

This is the end of Forty Seventh Sarga of Āraṇya Kanda which occurs in Holy Rāmāyaṇa composed by Vālmīki as the First Epic.