Rāmāyana | Āraṇya Kaṇḍa | Chapter 44

44. Mārīcha Killed

[Mārīcha makes Rāma run behind him to a long distance. Rāma kills the Golden deer. It takes its original Rākṣasa form shouts "Oh Sītā, Oh Lakṣmaṇa" imitating the voice of Rāma. Rāma is worried and starts back.]

After the son of Raghu clan instructed his brother like this, he tied to his waist a golden sword with great lustre. 44.1

That warrior of unmatched valour in this world took his bow which was like an ornament to him and ties two quivers on his back after bending them thrice. 44.2

Seeing the great king coming towards him due to fear and with an aim of deceiving him, the deer disappeared first and again came before him and Rāma after tying the sword securely and lifting the bow followed him quickly. 44.3

Rāma saw the shining animal in front of him and that one who held the bow saw that deer running ahead, again and again turning back and looking at him. It was running beyond the reach of his bow now and then and was tempting him. Suspecting it would be caught and being scared, it flew up in the sky. Being seen and not being seen at times in the forest, it looked like the moon of the autumn season surrounded by scattered clouds. 44.4-44.6

Mārīcha who had assumed the form of a deer appeared very near at times and at others he appeared very off and appearing and disappearing and running away, he took far away from the hermitage. 44.7-44.8

That son of Kākutstha clan became angry due to tiresomeness created by this tempting and sought a shade and waited in the green grass. 44.9

That Rākṣasa who assumed the deer form, maddened Rāma and was seen by him not far off but surrounded by many animals. 44.10

Feeling that Rāma desired to catch him, that deer ran further to a far off place and out of fear for a moment disappeared. 44.11

Seeing it again far away coming out of a group of trees that greatly lustrous Rāma decided to kill that deer. 44.12

Then the destroyer of enemies, that strong Rāma became very angry, lifted an arrow which was shining like the Sun, joined it firmly with his bow, drew it with all his force and sent that arrow created by Brahma which travelled like a serpent aimed at that deer. 44.13-44.14

That great arrow tore the body of that Rākṣasa in the deer form and reached the heart and pierced it. 44.15

Pierced by that arrow, that Rākṣasa jumped to the height of a palm tree shouted in a loud way and fell on the floor almost dead. 44.16

Mārīcha who was breathing his last gave up his false form and recollected the words of Rāvaṇa who wanted Lakṣmaṇa should also be sent away so that he can abduct Sītā. 44.17-44.18

Realizing that proper time has come, he imitated the voice of Rāma and shouted, "Hey Sītā, Hey Lakṣmaṇa." 44.19

The matchless arrow of Rāma stuck his vital parts and that Rākṣasa gave up his deer form; assumed back his big body and gave up his life. 44.20

Seeing the horrible looking Rākṣasa who was lying and moving his limbs on the ground drenched with blood, Rāma remembered the words of Lakṣmaṇa and his mind went back to Sītā. 44.21-44.22

"This is the magic of Mārīcha as was clearly foretold by Lakṣmaṇa and in the same way as told by him, I have killed Mārīcha." 44.23

"That Rākṣasa Mārīcha screamed in a loud manner, "Hey Sītā, Hey Lakṣmaṇa" and then died. Having heard it, what would Sītā be thinking, what would Lakṣmaṇa with great hands be thinking," and when the soul of Dharma Rāma reflected this was he was greatly worried and stunned." 44.24- 44.25

Because of killing the Rākṣasa and because of his shouting that way before his death then Rāma was greatly sad as well as scared and despondent 44.26

Then Rāma killed another deer, collected its meat and departed quickly towards Janasṭhāna. 44.27

This is the end of Forty Fourth Sarga of Āraṇya Kanda which occurs in Holy Rāmāyaṇa composed by Vālmīki as the First Epic.