Rāmāyana | Āraṇya Kaṇḍa | Chapter 38

38. Mārīcha's Narration: Interaction with Rāma

[Mārīcha tells about how Rāma protected the Yagna of Viśvāmitra, threw him to a distance of one hundred Yojanas and he advises him not to interfere with Rāma.]

"Once upon a time I, who was like a blue rich cloud, wearing ear globes made of pure gold, wearing a crown, and holding an iron bar as a weapon, with valour comparable to a mountain possessing the strength of one thousand elephants, was wandering in the Daṇḍaka forests creating great fear in the mind of people and eating the flesh of ascetics. 38.1-38.2

"At that time the soul of Dharma, a great sage called Viśvāmitra who was frightened of me, went himself to king Dasaratha and told him." 38.3

"Oh king due to an asura called Mārīcha, great fear has arisen in my mind and so please send Rāma to protect us during the time of Yagna." 38.4

"When that soul of Dharma requested like to this king Dasaratha, he replied to that great sage in the following way." 38.5

"My son Rāghava is only twelve years old and is not experienced in use of arrows and if you desire so, I will come to help you with my army." 38.6

"Oh great among sages, with the help of my great army which has four divisions, I would kill all the Rākṣasas whom you consider as enemies." 38.7

"When told like this, the great sage told king Dasaratha, "Nobody in the world except Rāma is a match to that great Rākṣasa." 38.8

"Oh king you have protected even devas in war and the acts of war you participated is famous in all the three worlds." 38.9

"Oh destroyer of enemies, I desire that your great army stays here only. Though Rāma is a child, he is very capable and greatly lustrous and capable of killing my enemies. Let you be safe." 38.10-38.11

"After telling that great sage took Rāma, the son of the king along with him and lovingly took him to the hermitage of Viśvāmitra." 38.12

"Then in the Daṇḍakāraṇya, Viśvāmitra took the vows to perform the Yagna, there Rāma stood in guard holding his bow which was kept ready." 38.13

"That Rāma who was beardless, gentle having a lotus petal like eyes, clad in a single garment, holding a bow, having a knotted hair, wearing a luminous gold chain and by his luster spread light in Daṇḍakāraṇya forest. and he looked like a full moon that has just risen." 38.14-38.15

"At that time me looking like a huge dark cloud, wearing bright golden ear globes, who was strong and blessed with many boons arrived at that hermitage." 38.16

"As soon as I arrived raising my weapon, I entered that place but was seen by Rāma without any fear and he started to string the arrow to his bow." 38.17

"Without knowing I thought I am much more powerful than Rāghava and I entered quickly to the place where Viśvāmitra’s yajña was in progress." 38.18

Then an arrow was released by that destroyer of enemies and it struck me and I was thrown in to a sea at a distance of one hundred yojanas." 38.19

"Due to his desire for not killing me that valorous one tried to protect me by throwing me away and I fell there unconscious." 38.20

"Oh lad, I who was thrown far away in the sea water, after a long time gained consciousness and went back to city of Lanka." 38.21

"By Rāma who has not completed his studies in archery and who could complete any work easily, I was spared that way but those who came to help me were destroyed." 38.22

"Oh Rāvaṇa, in spite of being prevented by me, if you enter in to conflict with Rāma, you will soon face great danger." 38.23

"You will bring great sorrow to the Rākṣasas who are experts in the sport of love and who celebrates festivals together as a community." 38.24

"You will ruin the city of Lanka filled with magnificent royal mansions and decorated by varied type of gems, by taking the princess of Mithilā there." 38.25

"Though you do not sin, by mixing in the company of sinners, you would be destroyed like a fish in the company of large number of snakes." 38.26

"By your defects you will make the Rākṣasas who apply divine sandalwood on their bodies and who decorate themselves with divine ornaments, to be killed and lie on the bare earth." 38.27

"You will see that after Rāma slays Rākṣasas, remaining ones either in the company of wives or their wives being abducted, with no one to look after them would flee in all ten directions." 38.28

"Without any doubt you would see Lanka with burning buildings, filled with net of arrows and surrounded by flames of fire." 38.29

"There is no greater sin than sexual dalliance with the wives of other people though you are married to one thousand pretty women." 38.30

"You please get engaged only with your wives, so that you can protect your clan, prestige, prosperity and kingdom and also your life." 38.31

"If you wish enjoy your life for a long time in a greater measure with peaceful wives as well as peaceful friends, please do not offend Rāma." 38.32

"In spite of my warning by an earnest friend like me, if you forcefully violate Sītā, your life would be pulled out by the arrows of Rāma and power along with relations get reduced and you will go to the land of Yama." 38.33

This is the end of Thirty Eighth Sarga of Āraṇya Kanda which occurs in Holy Rāmāyaṇa composed by Vālmīki as the First Epic.