Rāmāyana | Āraṇya Kaṇḍa | Chapter 36

36. Rāvaṇa Requests for Mārīcha's Assistance

[Rāvaṇa informs Mārīcha about incidents in Janasṭhāna and requests him to become a golden deer, entice Sītā and move away Rāma, so that he can abduct her. Mārīcha is disturbed at this prospect]

"Oh dear Mārīcha, please hear my words as I am in deep anguish and you are the only one who can help me in this distress." 36.1

"You know well about my brother Khara who lives in Janasṭhāna along with the very strong Dūṣaṇa and my sister Sūrpanakhā along with Triśirā the eater of flesh. Apart from that, many Rākṣasas killed in warfare were living there. They were living there permanently and as per my order gave trouble to the sages who follow Dharma and live in that great forest." 36.2-36.4

"There were fourteen thousand Rākṣasas living there doing frightening deeds who were valorous and experts in use of weapons who assist Khara." 36.5

"All of those very strong ones,. Who lived in Janasṭhāna with support of the entire group fought with Rāma, armed with different king of weapons lead by Khara and Dūṣaṇa." 36.6

"Becoming very angry that Rāma in the battle field, without telling even a single harsh word, shot arrows from his bow." 36.7

"That man standing on foot, killed the greatly shining fourteen thousand people using very sharp arrows." 36.8

"Khara was killed in the battle in which Dūṣaṇa also fell and Triśirā also was slain and Daṇḍaka forest was made fearless." 36.9

"That Rāma with temporary life span was sent to forest due to anger of his father along with his wife and that wretched Kshatriya killed all of them." 36.10

"That man of bad conduct, who is harsh, sharp, stupid, mean, slave of his senses, immoral, not wedded to dharma is harming other people for his pleasure." 36.11

"Without enmity and based only on his strength, he cut off the ears and nose of my sister and his wife Sītā who is living in Janasṭhāna is like the daughter of Gods and I want to abduct her by my strength using your help." 36.12-36.13

"Oh strong one, with your help by my side as well as the help of my brothers, even devas would hesitate to fight with me. And so, oh Rākṣasa, who is capable one, please help me." 36.14-36.15

"There is no one equal to you in valour, and deceit and you are one who is the trickster, greatly valorous one and an expert in fight with illusion." 36.16

"Oh Rākṣasa, I have come to meet you for this purpose only and so please hear my words and help me in this task." 36.17

"You become a great looking golden deer with silver spots and move in front of Sītā who is in the hermitage of Rāma." 36.18

"Without any doubt Sītā would see you in your form as deer and she will ask her husband and Lakṣmaṇa to catch you and give you to her." 36.19

"By this trick Sītā would be alone and lonely and I would abduct her, like Rāhu adducts the lustre of the moon." 36.20

"Then when Rāma becomes sad at his wife being stolen, I would without obstruction I would retaliate at that great one." 36.21

Hearing the story of Rāma, the great Mārīcha became greatly worried and his throat becomes dried up. 36.22

After wetting his lips with his tongue and feeling as if his eyes were not blinking like a dead person, with great distress he looked at Rāvaṇa. 36.23

With great fear knowing about the valour of Rāma with folded hands he told words aimed at the welfare of Rāvaṇa as well as his welfare. 36.24

This is the end of Thirty Sixth Sarga of Āraṇya Kanda which occurs in Holy Rāmāyaṇa composed by Vālmīki as the First Epic.