Rāmāyana | Āraṇya Kaṇḍa | Chapter 35

35. Rāvaṇa at Mārīcha's Hermitage

[Rāvaṇa feels that it is a very good idea and he starts his journey from his palace secretly. He sees the place where Garuda broke the branches of a tree. He reaches the hermitage of Mārīcha.]

Then thrilled by hearing the words of Sūrpanakhā, Rāvaṇa took leave from his ministers, thought about the task on hand and went. 35.1

After thinking about pros and cons of the actions to be undertaken, after considering the good and bad as well as strength and weakness of that matter, deciding on the course to be followed that one who acts according to his own decision made by a firm mind, Rāvaṇa went to the place of his vehicles. 35.2-35.3

Rāvaṇa went to the place of his vehicles in a secretive way, ordered his charioteer to get ready a chariot for him quickly. 35.4

As soon as the orders were received that Charioteer who was himself valorous quickly got ready the choicest chariot in a matter of seconds. 35.5

That brother of Kubera, the lord of the Rākṣasas got in to a golden chariot, which was decorated by gems, which was pulled by donkeys with the face of ghosts and which can go to any place that we desire and went towards the ocean making sound like storm clouds. 35.6-35.7

The ten headed one looking like a king of mountain with ten peaks, the enemy of Gods, the killer of great sages, the lord of Rākṣasas attended by white yak tail fans, with white umbrellas held over him, having a body like a lustrous Vaidūrya, wearing pure gold ear globes, with ten heads, twenty hands, dressed in good looking cloths got in to the chariot which goes to places as per our wish and ascended the light encircled sky and accompanied by cranes and shined like clouds. 35.8-35.10

That valorous one saw and examined mountains on the sea shore, with trees with varying type of fruits and flowers spread in thousands. 35.11

He saw lotus ponds filled with cold and auspicious water, sprawling hermitages with raised altars spread everywhere. 35.12

That area was completely covered by Banana plants which were encircled by shining and pretty coconut palms, Sāla trees which were in flower, Palms as well as Tamāla trees 35.13

That are shined with Nāgas, Suparṇas, Gandharvas in thousands, Kinnaras, Ajaas, Vaikhasanas, Maashas, Mareechipaas, Vālakhilyas, great sages who were disciplined in their food habits, who having conquered their desires looked splendid and Sidhas and Chāraṇas. 35.14-35.15

The place was surrounded by ladies of enchanting beauty decked in divine garlands and ornaments, with thousands of ladies engaged in different sport activities and Apsarās. 35.16

The prosperous goddesses served by wives of devas and gods in search of nectar and groups of devas and asuras were wandering here and there. 35.17

The radiance of the sea enhanced by flocks of swans and Krauṇcha birds as well as Sarasa birds and filled with their sounds was shining with a stretch paved by Vaidūrya stones. 35.18

Going hastily in the Sun, the brother of Kubera saw white and spacious aerial chariots on all sides controlled by those who had conquered the higher worlds by their penance. These chariots were decked with heavenly garlands, were ringing divine music and could fly where one desired. There were Gandharvas and Apsarās as well. 35.19-35.20

He saw tree trunks emitting resins, sandalwood trees with a delightful scent and thousands of other great trees. 35.21

In the forest especially he saw Aguroona trees as well as orchards of Takkolla trees and nutmeg trees with fine scent. 35.22

He saw Tamāla trees I full bloom, clusters of Pepper Shrubs and large collection of drying pearls. 35.23

He also saw stretches of conches, heaps of corals all over the beach and he also saw gold and silver mountains. 35.24

He continued seeing waterfalls that delighted the mind, ponds with pleasant water, cities filled with wealth and grains, and gem like women shining and cities with elephants, horses and chariots. 35.25

All over the levelled pretty sea breeze which were soft to touch were blowing and he also the matchless king of oceans comparable to heaven. 35.26

Then he saw a big banyan tree with its branches which stretched two hundred miles wide which looked like a cloud, which was occupied by many sages. 35.27

Earlier the very strong Garuda taking an elephant and tortoise of a very huge body sat on these branches for eating them. 35.28

When that great among winged creatures Garuda, who was very strong sat on that branch full of leaves, it broke due to great weight. 35.29

The great sages Vaikhānasa. Masha, Vālakhilya, Marichipa, Aja and Dhūmra together were doing penance on that branch. 35.30

Due to pity for them Garuda carried the branch of one hundred yojanas length along with elephant and the tortoise with great speed. 35.31

The soul of Dharma, the greatest among birds, with one feet ate the meat of the elephant and Tortoise and destroyed the province of Niṣādas [Rākṣasa settlement] by dropping the branch on it and got matchless happiness by getting the blessing of those sages. 35.32-35.33

Due to their happiness, his strength increased to double and that intelligent one decided to get the nectar. 35.34

After breaking the iron bars of the windows and after breaking the gem studded home, he secretly brought out the nectar from the city of Indra. 35.35

That brother of Kubera saw that banyan tree which was named as Subhadra with good leaves and on which the sages preferred to stay. 35.36

After going to the other end of the ocean which was the Lord of the rivers, he saw a pretty lonely hermitage inside the forest. 35.37

There he saw a Rākṣasa called Mārīcha who was wearing a deer skin, had matted hair and was observing disciplined food habits. 35.38

When Rāvaṇa reached there that Rākṣasa Mārīcha received him as per rules of receiving a king and fulfilled all his wishes. 35.39

After worshipping Rāvaṇa and offering him food and water, Mārīcha spoke to him very meaningful words. 35.40

"Oh Lord of the Rākṣasas, I hope everyone is Okay in Lanka. For what purpose have you come back here so quickly? 35.41

After the greatly lustrous Mārīcha spoke these words and Rāvaṇa that expert in speech again started telling Mārīcha 35.42

This is the end of Thirty Fifth Sarga of Āraṇya Kanda which occurs in Holy Rāmāyaṇa composed by Vālmīki as the First Epic.