Rāmāyana | Āraṇya Kaṇḍa | Chapter 32

32. Sūrpanakhā Meets Rāvaṇa

[Sūrpanakhā feeling helpless goes and meets Rāvaṇa. His power, greatness and bad acts are described. With fear Sūrpanakhā starts telling him.]

Then Sūrpanakhā seeing that the fourteen thousand Rākṣasas being killed by great act single handed by Rāma, as well as seeing the killing of Dūṣaṇa. Khara and Triśirā again started making great sound like a cloud. 32.1-32.2

Seeing the acts of Rāma, which was difficult for others to do getting very scared she started to go to Lanka ruled by Rāvaṇa. 32.3

She Saw Rāvaṇa sitting on the top of the aerial throne with ministers and shining brilliantly like Indra sitting with Maruts and his ministers. 32.4

Rāvaṇa was seated on a divine golden seat, which was shining like a sun and blazing like fire that glows when abundant ghee is poured in to it, built on a altar build by golden bricks. 32.5

That valorous Rāvaṇa who cannot be defeated in war by Devas, Gandharvas, sages and other great souls was sitting like the God of death sitting with open jaws. 32.6

He had wounds created by Vajra during the war between Devas and Asuras and marks on the chest created by the tips of tusks of Airāvata elephant. 32.7

He with ten necks and twenty hands was dressed fabulously and with his broad chest, he was shining like a king. 32.8

He was shining like Vaidūrya [cat's eye] gem, wearing ear globes made of pure gold and had well formed arms, white teeth and wide mouth and was comparable to a mountain. 32.9

In hundreds of war with Devas he had been hurt by the wheel of Vishnu and also he has been hit by other great weapons. 32.10

Though he was hit by devas, none of his limbs has been hurt and he can perturb, imperturbable and was very quick in his actions. 32.11

He was the one who could throw mountains, has tormented Devas, destroyed the base of Dharma and has cast evil eye on the wife of other persons. 32.12

He was knowledgeable in the use of all divine weapons, he prevented always Yagnas, reached the city of Bhogavatī and defeated the serpent Vāsuki and abducted the dear wife of Takṣaka after defeating him. 32.13

That Rāvaṇa went to Kailāśa Mountain, defeated Kubera and took away forcibly the Pushpaka Vimana, in which one can fly as he likes. 32.14

Due to great anger he had destroyed the Chaithratha garden as well as the lotus pond of Kubera, The Nandana Vana of Indra and several such gardens. 32.15

He was a scorcher of enemies and appeared like a peak of a mountain and could stop the powerful moon and sun from rising by his great arms. 32.16

He had done great penance in a great forest for ten thousand years and offered his own heads to the self-born Shiva. 32.17

He was not afraid of devas, asuras, Gandharvas, ghosts, birds, serpents in war with them except for men. 32.18

When the Brahmins consecrate auspicious Yagnas, that very strong one made impure, the places suitable for Yagnas and stopped the offerings of Soma Juice. 32.19

He disrupted Yagnas when they were at the peak; he was a cruel killer of Brahmins; he was with bad character; he was harsh and merciless against people and acted against their welfare. 32.20

That Rākṣasī saw her valorous brother Rāvaṇa who was very powerful and who was feared by all beings. 32.21

He was attired greatly wearing divine cloths and ornaments, was shining wearing divine garlands, was sitting on his seat like Sun and was sitting on a raised throne like the God of death of God of death. 32.22

After reaching that Rākṣasī greatly affected by fear spoke to the king of Rākṣasas, who was strong, who was the child of the Pulastya clan, who was the killer of enemies and who was surrounded by his ministers. 32.23

That broad eyed fearless wanderer Sūrpanakhā who was disfigured by a great man, addressing him, exhibiting herself with fear and delusion told. 32.24

This is the end of Thirty Second Sarga of Āraṇya Kanda which occurs in Holy Rāmāyaṇa composed by Vālmīki as the First Epic.