Rāmāyana | Āraṇya Kaṇḍa | Chapter 29

29. Rāma's Fight with Khara Continues

[Rāma tells Khara that due to sins that he has done to innocent sages he will surely be killed. Khara tells Rāma, that a valorous one should not indulge in self-praise. Rāma cuts off the mace of Khara.]

Rāma spoke softly but firmly and forbiddingly to Khara who had lost his chariot and was standing with a mace. 29.1

"Though you had a gigantic army consisting among other things of elephants, horses, chariots, you had done detestable deeds and heinous crimes in this Daṇḍaka forest." 29.2

"Those who cause sufferings to all beings by doing ruthless deeds, cannot stand up for his own self, even if he is lord of three worlds." 29.3

"Oh night walker, those who are doing acts against all living beings would be killed by everyone like a person killing a vicious serpent when he comes across it." 29.4

"One who does sins due to avarice, passion, without thought and with happiness, would see the results of his actions at the end like a Brahmāṇi lizard eating hailstones." 29.5

"The sages who live in Daṇḍakāraṇya are followers of dharma and Oh Rākṣasa, what results do you achieve by killing them?" 29.6

"Even if the cruel people do some sin and are hated by all the world earn wealth and live lavishly, they would not last long like a tree with dilapidated roots." 29.7

"One who does sins will definitely get its horrible result at the right time, like trees will yield fruits only in the proper season." 29.8

"Not long after a sin is done, the people would get the results like the one who eats poisonous food, Oh Rākṣasa." 29.9

"I am the king who has arrived here to stop those who do cruel deeds of sin that are not at all liked by the old, Oh Rākṣasa." 29.10

"The arrows of mine decorated with gold would be released on you like the snake from the snake pit and they after tearing you in to pieces will re-enter my quiver." 29.11

"Those followers of Dharma whom you have eaten in Daṇḍakāraṇya would go first and you along with your army would go behind them to heaven." 29.12

"When I wound [kill] you with my arrows in your hellish situation, you would see those great sages whom you have eaten earlier riding in planes." 29.13

"Oh, worst member of your clan, if you make an effort to attack me, I am going to toss your head like the fruit of palm tree." 29.14

When Rāma talked like this that Khara who was angry and had blood red eyes replied back to Rāma, laughing at him and convulsed in anger." 29.15

"Oh son of Dasaratha, after killing some rustic Rākṣasas, how are you praising yourself when you are not praise worthy?" 29.16

"Those best among men, who are valorous and victorious will not boast like this, for they will not be proud of their valour." 29.17

"Oh Rāma, those frivolous and undignified Kshatriyas who are not perfect souls would boast without meaning and you are doing similarly." 29.18

"Which valorous one would boast of his lineage in the war? I think that the time when death is nearing is not the proper time to praise oneself." 29.19

"Your idiocy which is for always present in you is clearly brought out by your praise of yourself, like the leaf blade of grass caught in fire seems to have an image of gold in it." 29.20

"You are not seeing me here holding a mace but are seeing a big unshakeable mountain with great many ores supported by the earth." 29.21

"Me with only the mace is sufficiently capable of taking your life in this war, like the god of death can take away the life of all just being having a noose." 29.22

"Though I have desire to tell you many things, I am not telling them now because the sun is about to set and this would create disruption of the war." 29.23

"You have killed fourteen thousand Rākṣasas and by killing you, I would wipe out the tears of their wives." 29.24

After saying this, the angry Khara who has great biceps threw the mace, which was shining like a thunderbolt at Rāma. 29.25

That shining mace after it was released from the hands of Khara, burning the trees and shrubs all round was nearing Rāma. 29.26

When that great and dangerous mace which was like the noose of god of death was nearing him, Rāma using several arrows cut it off in the sky itself. 29.27

That mace split by the arrows fell on the ground like a snake that springs to attack is made to fall by the use of the power of chants and medicines. 29.28

This is the end of Twenty Ninth Sarga of Āraṇya Kanda which occurs in Holy Rāmāyaṇa composed by Vālmīki as the First Epic.