Rāmāyana | Āraṇya Kaṇḍa | Chapter 28

28. Rāma's Fight with Khara

[The war between Khara and Rāma is ferocious. Though Khara succeeds in wounding Rāma a few times, Rāma destroys the chariot of Khara and makes him to come for a fight with a mace.]

Seeing that in the war Triśirā is also killed along with Dūṣaṇa, Khara was greatly shaken by the might of Rāma. 28.1

That very strong Rākṣasa seeing that Rāma fighting alone has killed the unbeatable army of Rākṣasas along with Triśirā as well as Dūṣaṇa and seeing his entire army has been killed without willingness approached Rāma like the Rākṣasa Namuchi approached Indra. 28.2-28.3

Khara pulling with all his strength his bow he sent several arrows desirous of eating the blood at Rāma and they went against him like angry serpents. 28.4

Sitting on his chariot making a twang with his bow he released arrows with both his hands in very many directions, exhibiting his skill of use of weapons. 28.5

That great warrior seeing Khara filing up arrows in all directions and sub directions, Rāma also started filling with arrows. 28.6

Rāma filled the place with unbearable arrows which released sparks of fire, like the rain God fills the earth with rain, leaving no free space. 28.7

Due to the sharp arrows sent by Rāma and Khara the sky and all the surroundings were filled with arrows and it appeared as if the sky is not there at all. 28.8

Due to those two who were eager to kill each other, the arrows they sent formed a net in the sky and the sun was not to be seen. 28.9

With tubular arrows with sharp point and arrows with the crescent end, Khara hit Rāma like a great elephant being hit by a goad. 28.10

When the Rākṣasa came riding a chariot holding a bow, all beings felt as if the God of death had come with his noose. 28.11

Khara seeing Rāma who has killed all his army and was standing boldly, thought that that indefatigable one would be greatly tired by that time. 28.12

Seeing Khara who was a resembling a lion, that Rāma who walks like a lion was not agitated like one seeing a petty wild animal. 28.13

That Khara who travelled in a radiant chariot like the Sun god reached near Rāma like a butterfly has reached the fire. 28.14

Then Khara due to the trick of his hand released the hand grip of Rāma from the bow with an arrow fitted in to it, which he was holding. 28.15

That very angry Khara drew seven more arrows that equalled the thunder bolt of Indra and hit the armour that Ram was wearing. 28.16

Then, with one thousand arrows, he caused pain to Rāma and that Khara made an extremely loud war cry. 28.17

With those very sharp arrows that were released by Khara, the armour of Rāma who was shining like a sun was completely destroyed and fell on the ground. 28.18

When those arrows hit him in all parts of his body, Rāma became greatly enraged and Rāma of the clan of Raghu flared up in the war like a fumeless flaming fire. 28.19

Then that enemy destroyer Rāma, strung the bow string to another thunderously great bow and strung it properly to kill the enemy. 28.20

Holding that very great and auspicious bow of Vishnu given to him by the sage Agasthya, taking the choicest arrow Rāma rushed towards Khara. 28.21

Using that arrow with golden decoration and curved ends, the very angry Rāma cut off, the war flag of Khara. 28.22

The severely shattered golden flag which was worth seeing fell on the ground as if the sun fell on the earth due to the curse of the gods. 28.23

That angry Khara, who knew the vital points of the body to strike, hit Rāma on the chest with four arrows and also on the other limbs like one who would hit an elephant with the goad. 28.24

That Rāma hit by various arrows which were released from the bow of Khara, became one with bleeding limbs and became very angry. 28.25

That greatest among the archers, in that great war, took the big bow and sent six arrows pointedly directed. 28.26

He hit the head of Khara with one arrow, the hands with two arrows and with three arrows with the crescent ended arrows hit his chest. 28.27

Then afterwards he took arrows of great lustre comparable to the sun and sent thirteen of them with the aim to kill the Rākṣasa. 28.28

That very strong Rāma who equals Indra in warfare as if it is a sport in war, send one arrow to break the yoke of the chariot of Khara, four on those dappled horses, one on the head of the charioteer of Khara, three arrows aimed at the three parts of the chariot, two on the axle of the fragmented chariot, making in all eleven arrows.. With one arrow he cut off the bow of Khara and with another thunderbolt like thirteenth arrow he impaled Khara. 28.29-28.31

With his broken bow, without chariot, with dead horses, with dead charioteer, Khara hopped on the ground, took a mace and stood strongly on the earth. 28.32

Seeing the act of Rāma who was a great hero, devas as well as the great sages along with those sitting on the planes, worshipped Rāma with folded hands. 28.33

This is the end of Twenty Eighth Sarga of Āraṇya Kanda which occurs in Holy Rāmāyaṇa composed by Vālmīki as the First Epic.