Rāmāyana | Āraṇya Kaṇḍa | Chapter 27

27. Rāma Kills Triśirā

[Triśirā, the army commander of Khara who had three heads was killed by Rāma in a tough battle.]

When Khara was going to face Rāma, Triśirā, the Rākṣasa commander of his army went near him and told him. 27.1

"Oh valorous one, leave out this needless adventure and assign the job to me and See the very strong Rāma falling down in the battle." 27.2

"By touching my weapons, I take an oath that I would kill Rāma who deserves to die for killing all Rākṣasas." 27.3

"For a moment, restrain yourself from fighting in this battle and be a witness for my killing Rāma in the battle or my being killed by him,." 27.4

"If Rāma is killed by me, become happy and go back to Janasṭhāna, otherwise if I die, you can then face him in battle." 27.5

Thus Khara was requested by Triśirā who was anxious to meet with death and Khara gave him permission to fight with Rāma and told, "You may go." 27.6

Triśirā who was a like a mountain with three peaks got in to a shining chariot yoked with horses and went to attack Rāma. 27.7

That Triśirā unleashed multitude of arrows like a very huge cloud and produced fatal roar like a dampened drum. 27.8

Rāghava seeing that Rākṣasa with three heads coming to him shook his bow and released very sharp arrows as retaliation. 27.9

Between the great Rāma and Triśirā a tumultuous war took place and they shot arrows at each other and fought like a strong lion and an elephant. 27.10

Hit by three arrows of Triśirā on his forehead Rāma became angry and intolerant, and in a very agitated way told. 27.11

"Oh this Rākṣasa who is greatly valorous has sufficient amount of strength that by his flower like arrows my forehead is only scratched." 27.12

Saying that, "You may now receive arrows from me", the agitated and angry Rāma released from the string of his bow, poison like fourteen arrows and hit the chest of Triśirā. 27.13

Then the lustrous one sent four arrows which were well jointed and hit the four swift horses and killed them. 27.14

He hit the charioteer with eight arrows and the very lofty flag on the top of the chariot with one arrow and cut it off. 27.15

Then Rāma hit that Rākṣasa who was running away from the destroyed chariot with arrows on his chest and that Rākṣasa became numb. 27.16

That man of boundless strength Rāma with great ire with swift and sharp arrows cut off the heads of that Rākṣasa. 27.17

Attacked by the arrows of Rāma that one who travels during night vomited blood and when his three heads were cut off fell down. 27.18

Those Rākṣasas who were remaining and who were under protection of Khara got greatly scared by the tiger like Rāma and retreated and sped off like a deer. 27.19

That Khara seeing his retreating army became angry, personally made them turn back and leaped on Rāma like Rāhu and Ketu try to leap on the moon. 27.20

This is the end of Twenty Seventh Sarga of Āraṇya Kanda which occurs in Holy Rāmāyaṇa composed by Vālmīki as the First Epic.