Rāmāyana | Āraṇya Kaṇḍa | Chapter 26

26. Rāma Kills Dūṣaṇa

[Rāma killed the valorous Dūṣaṇa and all his army. He also killed the army chiefs sent by Khara.]

When Dūṣaṇa saw that his army is being shattered, he ordered five thousand powerful Rākṣasas with great speed and who never retreated to attack Rāma. 26.1

They started showering tridents, iron rods, swords, rain of stones and trees, continuously on Rāma from all directions. 26.2

After stopping the shower of those stones and trees which would be greatly fatal, that soul of Dharma sent very sharp arrows at them. 26.3

Receiving that shower of weapons like a bull with closed eyes, Rāma with great anger, started killing those Rākṣasas. 26.4

The very infuriated Rāma endowed with great lustre, with arrows made Dūṣaṇa and his army as ineffective. 26.5

Dūṣaṇa the commander in chief who was the spoiler of enemies became angry sent arrows which were like thunderbolts at Rāma and virtually countered the attack of Rāma. 26.6

Then That Rāma with great anger using his bent and great bow cut off the bow of that valorous one and also killed his four horses. 26.7

After killing those horses with his sharp arrows, with crescent moon shaped arrow, he cut off the head of the charioteer and with three other arrows pierced the chest of that asura. 26.8

With broken bow, with no chariot with horses and charioteer dead, Dūṣaṇa grabbed a mountain like mace, which was ornamented in gold, which was hair rising, which had been used to beat the army of devas, which had sharp spikes attached to it, which was saturated with enemy fat, which was equal to Vajra to touch and which was used to destroy the towers of the enemy. 26.9-26.11

Dūṣaṇa who was a cruel Rākṣasa rushed towards Rāma holding that mace which was like a great serpent. 26.12

That Rāma seeing that Dūṣaṇa rushing towards him, using two arrows cut off both his hands, which were ornamented. 26.13

When his hands of his were cut off that great mace fell in the battle field and he with his cut off hands looked like the cut off flag of Indra. 26.14

With both his hands strewn round him, the Dūṣaṇa fell on the earth like a haughty gigantic elephant falling down when his tusks are broken. 26.15

Seeing Dūṣaṇa who was killed in battle falling on the ground, all beings praised the son of Kākutstha clan saying "great, great." 26.16

When this was happening, three very angry chiefs of the army called Mahakapala, Sthoolaksha and the very strong Pramadhi ran towards Rāma not understanding that they are running towards death. 26.17

The Rākṣasa Mahakapala carrying a huge trident, Sthoolaksha with an iron crowbar and Pramadhi with an axe came towards Rāma. 26.18

After noting those Rākṣasas rushing towards him with sharp edged weapons, Rāma quickly received them with sharp arrows as if one receives a guest. 26.19

Mahakala's head was cut off by divine arrows and using innumerable arrows he also killed PRāmadhi and both of them fell on the ground like a very big tree with its branches. 26.20-26.21

Rāma filled both the eyes of Sthoolaksha with many arrows and with a flow of five thousand arrows, in a moment five thousand followers of Dūṣaṇa were sent to the place of God of death. 26.22

Seeing that Dūṣaṇa and his army followers were killed, the very angry Khara ordered his very strong chiefs of army this way. 26.23

"Now you see that Dūṣaṇa and his great army have been killed. So now taking the very great army, you all fight with that bad human being and use all sort of weapons and kill him." 26.24

After angry Khara spoke like this his twelve army chiefs, Syenagami, Pruthugriva, Yajna satru, Vihanga, Durjaya, KaraveeRākṣasa, Parusha, Kalakarmuka, Meghamali, Mahamali, Sarpasya, Rudhirasana who were very valorous along with their army men advanced towards Rāma releasing excellent arrows at him. 26.26-26.28

Then using his arrows decorated by gold and shining like a raging fire, that Rāma who had great lustre killed the remaining army. 26.29

Those gold tipped arrows looked as if they were fires covered with smoke and completely destroyed all the Rākṣasas like a thunderbolt destroys mighty trees. 26.30

With a single stroke he killed one hundred Rākṣasas with one hundred arrows and similarly killed one thousand Rākṣasas with one thousand arrows. 26.31

They fell down cut and broken and stained with blood with shattered shields and ornaments which were broken to pieces by the arrows. 26.32

The entire battle field strewn with those by those who have fallen with spread out hair, by those who were drenched in blood and by those who were cut in to pieces made it look like a sacrificial alter spread with Kuśa grass. 26.33

Within a moment, that dreadful forest with the Rākṣasas, who have been killed, looked like hell whose soil has been soaked with flesh and blood. 26.34

Those very powerful fourteen thousand Rākṣasas were killed by Rāma, a single human being standing on the ground. 26.35

Among the huge army only the great hero Khara, a Rākṣasa called Triśirā and Rāma only were left remaining alive. 26.36

All the other greatly powerful, dreadful and unbearable Rākṣasas were killed in that battle by the elder brother of Lakshmana. 26.37

Seeing that he has lost his army with great power in the battle by the mighty Rāma who was alone, Khara got in to his great chariot and went forward like Indra who has raised his Vajra. 26.38

This is the end of Twenty Sixth Sarga of Āraṇya Kanda which occurs in Holy Rāmāyaṇa composed by Vālmīki as the First Epic.