Rāmāyana | Āraṇya Kaṇḍa | Chapter 25

25. Rāma and Khara's Army War

[Though the war was started by Khara, it was mainly his soldiers who fought against Rāma. He killed and wounded most of them. Dūṣaṇa encouraged them and the war continued.]

Khara who came to the hermitage along with hiss soldiers saw Rāma, the killer of enemies standing there angry and holding the bow and arrow. 25.1

Seeing him, Khara after lifting the bow and arrow made a terrible sound and ordered his charioteer to go in front of him. 25.2

As per the orders of Khara, the charioteer drove the horses and made them stand in front of the mighty armed Rāma standing alone armed with a bow and arrow. 25.3

Seeing him rush there, all those Rākṣasas roared and creating a big sound and his ministers surrounded him. 25.4

Khara who stood on the chariot in the middle of the Rākṣasas, looked like the planet mars in between the bevy of stars. 25.5

Then Khara took one thousand arrows and sent them against Rāma of matchless power and after assaulting him he raised a big sound. 25.6

Then all the Rākṣasas in great anger sent many type of weapons at Rāma, who was holding a huge bow and who cannot be defeated. 25.7

Those Rākṣasas bent upon vengeance threw at him, hammers, spears with sharp edge, tridents, barbed missiles, swords and battle axes continuously. 25.8

Those very powerful Rākṣasas resembling a huge cloud created huge sound came with eagerness on chariots, horses, elephants looking like mountains and ran forward. 25.9

That group of Rākṣasas inundated Rāma with their arrows, like the king of mountains is drowned by the rains from the great clouds. 25.10

Rāma surrounded by those horrible group of Rākṣasas looked like Lord Shiva being surrounded by large number of Attendants during dusk. 25.11

Rāma received the arrows sent by those Rākṣasas, like the sea receiving waters being showered by several rivers. 25.12

Though being hit on various parts of the body by those terrible arrows, Rāma was not pained just like the mountain is not hurt even if it is hit by many thunderbolts. 25.13

Rāma being wounded all over and bleeding through all his wounds looked like Sun surrounded by clouds at the time of dusk. 25.14

Devas, Gandharvas, Sidhas and great sages seeing that Rāma left alone was surrounded by many thousands of Rākṣasas became sad. 25.15

Then Rāma became extremely angry bending his great bow and released hundreds of thousands of arrows continuously. 25.16

Rāma sent those unstoppable and unbearable arrows decorated with heron's fathers, which looked like the staff of Yama, going straight to the aim without missing it. 25.17

Those arrows shot playfully by Rāma easily pulled out the life of the Rākṣasas who were enemy warriors like the noose of God of death. 25.18

Those arrows broke the bodies of the Rākṣasas in to pieces and made them drenched in their blood and shined forth in the sky like, they looked like the red flames of the burning fire. 25.19

Countless excessively ferocious Rākṣasas died from the fatal arrows emanating from the bow of Rāma. 25.20

In the war the arrows sent by Rāma's bow cut off hundreds of thousands of bows, tips of flags, armours, heads, shoulders as well as thighs of Rākṣasas, and also the thighs and trunks of the elephant. 25.21

He also killed horses yoked to the chariots decorated with gold along with the charioteers and killed Rākṣasas riding on elephants as well as elephants, those who ride on horses along with horses, soldiers in the infantry, and sent them all to the abode of death." 25.22-25.23

After that, the terrible and pitiable cries of Rākṣasas, who were torn and pulled apart by the iron arrows, was heard. 25.24

The army whose vital parts were torn apart by those sharp arrows did not get any relief just like the dried up forest attacked by fire. 25.25

Some very strong valorous soldiers armed with trident, sword and battle axe faced Rāma in the front and threw those divine weapons at him. 25.26

The strong armed Rāma prevented all those weapons from falling on him and took out their lives by cutting of their neck. 25.27

Their broken heads, armours and bows were thrown down on the earth like just as trees fell by the blows of the divine Garuda. 25.28

Then all those Rākṣasas suffering intense pain due to being hit by the arrows of Rāma ran towards Khara for taking refuge. 25.29

Dūṣaṇa after pacifying all of them, again brought them together and like the God of death approaching Lord Shiva, approached Rāma with great wrath. 25.30

Becoming dependent on Dūṣaṇa all of them became fearless and returned to attack Rāma carrying Sāla trees, palm trees as well as stones. 25.31

Some strong Rākṣasas holding tridents, hammers in their hands and some others holding bows together sent arrows and other weapons on Rāma, while continuously raining stones at him. 25.32

Again a fierce war which was dreadful, wonderful as well as thrilling started between Rāma and those Rākṣasas. 25.33

They who were angry advanced on Rāma from all directions and they completely surrounded him in four directions and four sub directions and started showering him with arrows and sending other missiles on Rāma and Rāma made a frightful great sound and released the very powerful Gandharva arrow at them. 25.34-25.36

And then Rāma released thousands of arrows from the curvature of his bow and they went on filling all the directions. 25.37

Those Rākṣasas who were hurt by those terrible arrows could not see due to the speed, Rāma taking them out nor his sending but only saw him drawing them. 25.38

The darkness created by the arrows completely covered the sky including the Sun and it looked to the Rākṣasas that Rāma was not sending those arrows by spewing them out. 25.39

The earth was by those who were falling at the same time, by those who were being killed at the same time and those who fell were lying scattered all over the ground. 25.40

Those Rākṣasas numbering in thousands who were killed had fallen all over the place being cut in to pieces and being pierced all over. 25.41

In that war Rākṣasas having been killed by Rāma's arrows, the entire land was filled with their limbs which were cut off, heads with head dresses, shoulders dressed with ornaments of different kinds and cut off thighs and knees; different chariots with horses decorated with streamers used as an insignia of royalty, best of elephants, different flags and garbs; with different types of weapons like tridents, swords, darts, battle axes scattered all over; with crushed pieces of broken stones and arrows dispersed over the ground was frightening to see. 25.42-25.45

This is the end of Twenty Fifth Sarga of Āraṇya Kanda which occurs in Holy Rāmāyaṇa composed by Vālmīki as the First Epic.