Rāmāyana | Āraṇya Kaṇḍa | Chapter 22

22. Khara Goes to War Against Rāma

[After getting angry at Sūrpanakhā and promising that he will kill Rāma, Khara marches along with Dūṣaṇa, his commander and other fourteen thousand Rākṣasas to kill Rāma].

When Khara was put to shame by Sūrpanakhā in this way, standing in the middle of Rākṣasas, Khara replied harshly. 22.1

"By the insults you have heaped on me, my anger has become matchless and like excessive flow of salt water it is unbearable to me." 22.2

"I do not bother about Rāma who is a valorous man of short span of life due to his own bad conduct and now he will leave this world." 22.3

"So control your tears, get rid of your excitement, I will lead Rāma and his brother to the country of God of death." 22.4

"Oh Rākṣasī, I will kill Rāma with a short span of life, today by my axe and you can drink his blood today." 22.5

"Hearing the words that fell from the mouth of Khara, she was happy and due to her foolishness, she again started praising her great brother." 22.6

Hearing from her earlier berating him and now praising him, he started talking to Dūṣaṇa his commander. 22.7

"Please get ready fourteen thousand Rākṣasas who are under my control, who act according to my thoughts and who have great speed in war." 22.8

"They are also of the colour of blue black clouds, dreadful, performers of cruel acts, Torturers of other people, strong and powerful." 22.9

"Oh soft one, get all those Rākṣasas who are arrogant like tigers, having big mouths, powerful, drunk with pride and make them ready quickly." 22.10

"Oh gentle one, quickly get ready my chariot, bows, arrows, different type of swords and Sharp Shakti missiles." 22.11

"I would like to go in the front of these members of Pulastya clan, who are experts in warfare to kill that Rāma, who has indiscipline." 22.12

When Khara was telling like this, at that time Dūṣaṇa got ready a huge chariot of the colour of sun pulled by horses of variegated colours. 22.13

Then that Khara who looked patient, mounted that chariot which looked like the Peak of Meru Mountain, decorated with the pure gold, with gold wheels, studded with costly gems. The carriage of the chariot was engraved with figures made of gold, like fish, flowers, trees, Sun, stars, flocks of auspicious birds, flags and swords, shining with small bells, yoked to good horses. 22.14-22.16

When that Rākṣasa mounted his chariot, other Rākṣasas of great valour along with Dūṣaṇa stood prepared to go. 22.17

Khara seeing those great warriors who were holding great weapons and possessing dreadful shields and also holding other weapons and flag ordered them to start. 22.18

Then that Rākṣasa army who were wearing dreadful shields, weapons and flag started from Janasṭhāna making great noise. 22.19

Those fourteen thousand Rākṣasas who acted according to the wishes of Khara, took in their hand maces, piercing weapons, tridents, sharp axes used in battle, swords, wheels, splinters, iron clubs, powerful spears, dreadful iron bars of giant size, bows made of bamboo, clubs and knives which were frightening to look at like the Vajra of Indra and departed from Janasṭhāna, 22.20-22.22

Those Rākṣasas of great valour who were going speedily to attack marched forward and Khara's chariot also went slightly behind. 22.23

Thereafter the charioteer of Khara driving a chariot decorated in gold and drawn by horses of variety of colours, knowing the mind of Khara drove fast. 22.24

That Chariot of Khara, who was the killer of enemies, went speedily filling all major and intermediate directions with great sound. 22.25

Khara whose anger was progressively increasing made horrible sound like the cloud producing rain of hail stones and went speedily, like the god of death and impelled the charioteer to go still faster." 22.26

This is the end of Twenty Second Sarga of Āraṇya Kanda which occurs in Holy Rāmāyaṇa composed by Vālmīki as the First Epic.