Rāmāyana | Āraṇya Kaṇḍa | Chapter 19

19. Khara sends Soldiers to Capture Rāma

[Sūrpanakhā complains to her brother about Rāma, and he sends fourteen army chiefs with her so that they all can be captured so that Sūrpanakhā can drink their blood.]

Seeing his sister fallen there disfigured and coated with blood, That Rākṣasa Khara became very angry and enquired. 19.1

"Get up, tell me about your delusion and confusion and tell me clearly about who reduced you to this ugly form." 19.2

"Who would hurt with his finger tip, the black innocent snake, with fangs full of poison sitting nearby playfully?" 19.3

"Who would tie the rope of death on his neck out of ignorance or who would dare to trouble you and drink the good quality poison?" 19.4

"You are bold, strong, do according to your whims and take any form as you like. Who lead you to this plight so that his death is imminent?" 19.5

"Which person among Devas, Gandharvas, Bhoothas and the great sages have reduced you to this ugly form?" 19.6

"I do not see anyone in this world who dares to offend me, even among devas, including the thousand eyed Indra who controls Pakasura." 19.7

"Now I will take away his life from his body by fatal arrows like the swan taking milk from a mix of milk and water." 19.8

"When my arrows contact his vital parts, he would be killed and his blood like foam will drench this earth." 19.9

"Which flock of birds are going to eat his flesh, after biting and pulling it from his body, after I kill him in a battle ?" 19.10

"Whether he is deva, Gandharva, devil or a Rākṣasa, when that helpless man is dragged by me in the battle, nobody would be in a position to save him." 19.11

"When you regain your consciousness, you can tell me slowly about that rude man, who defeated in the forest and made advances to you." 19.12

Hearing these especially angry words from her brother, That Sūrpanakhā spoke these words while shedding tears. 19.13

"They are two very handsome young men called Rāma and Lakṣmaṇa, who are very strong, having broad lotus like eyes, wearing bark and hide of a black deer, who live on fruits and roots, who are self-restrained ascetics, who are followers of Dharma and the sons of king Dasaratha." 19.14-19.15

"They like kings of Gandharvas and are with auspicious marks and I am not able to guess whether they are gods or men." 19.16

"In between them is a young pretty lady who is decorated by ornaments and who is seen to have a slender waist." 19.17

"I have been made like this by both of them and brought to the state of an orphan for the sake of that woman." 19.18

"We should think of killing that woman in a battle as I want to drink her foaming blood as she is a crooked lady." 19.19

"But my wish which is going to be fulfilled by you is that I should be able to drink the blood of those brothers as well." 19.20

When she was talking like this Khara became angry and he ordered fourteen very strong ones, each of them equal to the God of death. 19.21

"Two men, blessed with various weapons and dressed in bark and deer skin along with a young lady has entered this Daṇḍaka forest." 19.22

"You should go and kill them both as well as the lady of bad behaviour and my sister would drink the blood of all of them." 19.23

"Oh Rākṣasas, it is the dear wish of my sister that and by your own power imprison them both so that her wish is fulfilled." 19.24

Having been ordered this way those fourteen Rākṣasas along with Sūrpanakhā went to that place like a cloud in the sky. 19.25

But then those nocturnal Rākṣasas with sharp arrows were not able to face the lustrous Rāma, like a wild elephant is not able to face the forest fire.

This is the end of Nineteenth Sarga of Āraṇya Kanda which occurs in Holy Rāmāyaṇa composed by Vālmīki as the First Epic.