Rāmāyana | Āraṇya Kaṇḍa | Chapter 13

13. Agastya Directs Rāma to Pañchavaṭī

[When Rāma asks for a suitable place to stay, Agastya indicates that he should stay in Pañchavaṭī. Rāma immediately agrees to that advice and proceeds to Pañchavaṭī.]

"Rāma, I am happy, safety to you. Lakṣmaṇa, I am happy, for your coming along with Sītā to pay your respect." 13.1

"The pathway that you have taken is full of strain and painful for you two, as evident by the sweat above the neck and it is also clear on seeing Sītā, the daughter of Janaka." 13.2

"She is pretty and delicate and had not undergone this type of suffering earlier and has come to this treacherous forest due to her love towards you." 13.3

"Oh Rāma, see whatever you do, would keep her entertained for she has followed you to the forest in an impossible act." 13.4

"Oh Son of Raghu clan this is the nature of women ever since the creation started, they would be with husband when things are fine but would leave him in difficult times." 13.5

"Women are mercurial like hundred streaks of lightning, as sharp as weapons and with speed of Garuda or the wind." 13.6

"But this, wife of yours is free of all such defects and she like lady Aruṇdhatī merits appreciation and is exemplary." 13.7

"That particular place you want to stay along with Lakṣmaṇa and Vaidehī, Oh Rāma is indeed blessed, Oh destroyer of enemies." 13.8

When the sage told like this, Rāma with folded hands in salutation spoke these amiable words to the sage who was shining like fire. 13.9

"Oh great sage, I am blessed and I am privileged due to the virtue of my brother and wife and also due to my Guru being pleased with me." 13.10

"But please direct me to a big forest with plenty of water, so that I can erect hermitage there and live happily." 13.11

Hearing the words of Rāma that great courageous sage, who is the follower of Dharma replied, after thinking for some time and told him these courageous words. 13.12

"Oh lad, two yojanas from here there is a place well known as Pañchavaṭī, which has lot of water, fruits as well as roots and very many deer." 13.13

"When you go there along with son of Sumitrā and erect a hermitage there, you would be happy that you are following the words of your father." 13.14

"Oh matchless one, I know about all that happened to you due to the power of my penance as well as my friendship with your father Dasaratha." 13.15

"I know that in your mind you have decided to stay with me by my power of penance that you want to stay in this forest of mine with me but I am advising you to go to Pañchavaṭī." 13.16

"That place is praiseworthy and not very far from here but I am sure that Sītā would find that pretty forest and enjoy herself there." 13.17

"Maithili would feel happy in that place near Godavari with plenty of roots, fruits and is blessed with various types of birds and oh great one, it is blessed as well as pretty." 13.18-13.19

"You being one observing good ritualistic behaviour are also capable of providing protection to the many sages living there." 13.20

"Oh valorous one, don't you see a forest of flower liquor trees in that great forest. If you go north of that you would go near a banyan tree." 13.21

"If you climb up to a mountain there, not far away is the famous Pañchavaṭī with its forest flowering daily." 13.22

When Agastya told like this, Rāma along with son of Sumitrā saluted that sage and took leave from the sage who was teller of truth. 13.23

After he permitted them to go they saluted his feet and left that hermitage to Pañchavaṭī along with Sītā. 13.24

Those sons of the king wearing the bow, with braced up quivers went resolutely and without agitation towards Pañchavaṭī following the path indicated by the sage. 13.25

This is the end of Thirteenth Sarga of Āraṇya Kanda which occurs in Holy Rāmāyaṇa composed by Vālmīki as the First Epic.